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Alpha Boarding Kennels Testimonials - Tara and Ian

Dear Greg, Amy and Vinny

We are writing this letter to thank-you for the outstanding service you provided for our animals whilst staying at your boarding kennels in February this year. As we have two dogs, Shirley aged 15 and Laney aged 3 years we originally were a bit concerned about leaving Shirley because of her age and ailing health.

On arrival Vinny had a good chat to us about the routine of the kennels, how much exercise, feeding, playtime, training and attention that they would receive and gave us a look around. This enabled us to go on holidays without a worry or doubt in our minds that they would be looked after impeccably.

When it was time to pick them up, we couldn't believe how fantastic they both looked. Laney had fattened up a bit, she had never looked better (we always had trouble keeping weight on her) and Shirley had an extra spark in her stride. Neither of them had a sign of kennel cough which they both got at the last kennels they stayed at.

To top it off when we got home we found both of them relaxed straight back into home life and even seemed better mannered than when they left.

Since we have been home we have followed your advice on feeding Laney and she now appears nicely rounded instead of a skinny little greyhound and I have renewed interest towards Laney's ongoing training through Alpha.

Now we know when we go on holidays again there won't be any hesitation on who to leave the animals with - the true professionals in the dogs wellbeing.

Thank you again,

Tara and Ian Robertson